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 BeeMyGuest? What is it exactly ?

BeeMyGuest can help LIONS’ children/grandchildren from all over the world during their student years to find a student internship, a job, hospitality at a Lion as they take an exam away from home, a penpal exchange,etc. Let’s put our professional and personal skills together to help our youth.

BeeMyGuest also facilitates exchanges between Lions from the same country or for different countries (hospitality, dinner, share of hobbies, advises, etc.)

Where can we find more information about BeeMyGuest ?

Please click on What is BeeMyGuest? to learn more.

Why is BeeMyGuest intended for the members of the LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL only ?

This website has been developed by the Lions Clubs International. Therefore it is intended for members of the LCI so that people who share the same passion for the LIONS can meet each other all over the world. Take an active interest, unite, provide, encourage, aid are words that LIONS put into practice on a daily basis.

Why such a website for LIONS ?

We are many Lions to email Clubs’ Presidents and ask for hospitality or something in particular. BeeMyGuest gives you the possibility to reach Lions offering hospitality or willing to help Lions’ children/grandchildren without disturbing Presidents each time. More information on How does it work?

How to become a member of BeeMyGuest ?

It is very easy. Click on How to register and follow the direction. Once registered, you will just have to create your offer with the aim to offer hospitality to a Lion who would cross your city. You can complete or modify your offer whenever you want. Your pictures can be added later. To remain a member, you must have at least one offer online.

Can you become a member of BeeMyGuest if your Club is not registered yet ?

Yes, but in that case, please tell your Club about your registration so that it can register quickly.

As you know, registration is FREE for members of the LCI. In exchange we ask the Clubs, willing to offer their members the services of BeeMyGuest, a contribution of €35 EURO (about $41 USD) per year. When Clubs are registered, their members (interested in BeeMyGuest) have free and unlimited access during a year. More information on REGISTER A CLUB

Can you become a member of BeeMyGuest if your Club does not want to subscribe ?

Of course, yes! Please click on REGISTER and find how to register as an individual Lion. The only difference is the annual charge. It will only be €25 EURO/Lion.

How to pay the annual contribution ?

To pay the annual contribution, please click on REGISTER NOW and choose between the 2 possililities you have (online secured payment or credit transfer). If you are a Lions Club, the amount will be €35 EURO. If you are an individual Lion, the amount will only be €25 EURO.

Why do Clubs need to pay an annual contribution ?

To develop, translate, and insure the good functioning of the website, to offer Lions from all over the world a secured, practical and useful website, the La Rochelle Doyen Lions Club works with an IT Partner. Therefore, an annual participation fee of €35 EURO (about $41 USD) is asked to every Club willing to allow its members to use the services of BeeMyGuest.

If a Club doesn't want to register, Lions can still register as an individual member. The contribution will only be €25 EURO/member. For more information, please read How to register

What can BeeMyGuest bring you as a Lion ?

BeeMyGuest allows warm meetings and rich exchanges between members of the LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL. Thanks to this website, bonds of friendship between members of the whole world will appear.

How can BeeMyGuest help Lions' children or grandchildren ?

Thanks to BeeMyGuest, we can help our children or grandchildren during their student years. How? By offering them hospitality as they visit a University or take an exam away from home. By helping them to find a student internship, a job, a penpal exchange or simply by being a contact wherever they travel (for studies or pleasure). There are so many ways we can help them.

Why should you use BeeMyGuest ?

If you need to go somewhere in particular or if you have to stop by a city in order to reach your destination, why don’t you choose a friendly way and meet other LIONS willing to host you? Here is another way to visit the world!

Why is it important to tell LIONS about BeeMyGuest ?

The more LIONS will be registered on BeeMyGuest, the more destinations will be offered. That way you will be able to visit the world without any limit. So don’t hesitate… tell your Club about BeeMyGuest!

Why is BeeMyGuest friendly ?

Since the LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL’s members share the same ethics and the same objectives, you will feel in confidence with other members. Thanks to BeeMyGuest you can meet LIONS in your country or abroad, develop bonds of friendship with them and share many passions beside the Lions’ one.

Why do members have to indicate their hobbies ?

It is important that members indicate their hobbies so that LIONS who are looking for hospitality can select among other LIONS, the host that will share the same hobbies (golfing, hiking, visiting, Art, etc.)

Why should you translate your offer in languages you speak, or you understand ?

Whether you fluently speak a language or you understand it, don’t hesitate to translate your offer into that language. You can use the free website REVERSO. Some LIONS may understand French but may be more comfortable with their native language or with a language you have in common. It is easy and it can let you travel further!

Who can read the offers LIONS displayed on BeeMyGuest ?

To read the online offers, you must be a LION and a member of BeeMyGuest. Your Club must be registered too.

Are your personal data visible by everybody on BeeMyGuest ?

No, only LIONS can see your email address. The rest of your personal data will never be given away.

Can you modify your offer once it is displayed ?

Absolutely! You can add information, change pictures as much as you want.

How to add pictures on your offer ?

You have to sign in first. Then go to "My offer/My pictures" in your account. Click on "Edit this offer". At the bottom of this page, you will be able to add pictures (or even delete them). Then "Validate".

If you have several homes, can you create several offers ?

Yes, of course. That way, more offers will be displayed.

Can you delete your offer ?

You can delete an offer at anytime. However it is important to leave at least one offer to remain a member of BeeMyGuest and to be able to use its services.

Can you be a member if you rent your home ?

Of course! You are free to invite friends over!

Are you correctly insured ?

Inviting a LION over, is the same as inviting a fiend at home. So yes, you are correctly insured if your home is correctly insured.

Can you visit a few LIONS (members of BeeMyGuest) within a year ?

It is possible to stay over at a few LIONS (members of BeeMyGuest) within a year. Especially if you have the opportunity to do it. Travel, meet other LIONS. Testify on the action of you Club. Visit the world and invite LIONS over.


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