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Lions Club International



BeeMyGuest is a secured website intended for members of the Lions Clubs International.

It facilitates contacts, exchanges and mutual aid between Lions. BeeMyGuest allows Lions from all over the globe to contact, in one click, any Lion registered on BeeMyGuest.

Create your online offer means you accept that Lions registered on BeeMyGuest email you.

Offers can show what Lions suggest. Hospitality IS NOT an obligation.



We are going to guide you, step by step, in order to SIGN IN as a Lion, and then to CREATE your individual offer.



If registration can be made either by a Club or by a Lion himself, signing in is always an individual action.

So if you haven’t done it yet, please fill your individual form with a personal pass word to sign in.

For that, click on « 1st step » (on the homepage of BeeMyGuest). If you have already filled your individual form, please go to 3)



Complete the file and submit. Don’t forget to accept the General Conditions.

The pass word you will choose will be asked everytime you will visit BeeMyGuest.

 formulaire US1


A welcome message will appear, meanning that your individual file has been created successfully.

You will be invited to click on «  create my offer » :

inscription US 1


2) CREATE YOUR OFFER, just after signing in.

Once you have click on « create my offer » from your welcome message, you will see the following window. Click on « create a new offer », then follow the directions.

mon annonce US 1


A new window will appear. Complete the fields and say a few worlds about what you offer and about you, your city…

créer son annonce US


Submit your texts before adding pictures of your city, your area, your home or yourself. If you don’t have any photos to add now, you can add them later. You can also complete or modify your add at anytime.

If any problem while creating your offer, please write us at . We will get back to you very shortly. 


3) To READ the online offers

To CREATE your offer (if you haven’t done it yet)

To COMPLETE or MODIFY your offer

To ADD pictures

Everytime you want to use BeeMyGuest and read the online offers, you have to SIGN IN.

Click on « Sign in » on the home page

1ère étape US 2


Write your email address and your personal password.


Identification US


You will arrive in your private space, called « My account ». Follow the directions.

 mon compte US 1


If you still have difficulties or questions, please write us at We will get back to you very shortly.