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Lions Club International


BeeMyGuest is a website intended for members of the LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL (LIONS and LEO).

The aim is to facilitate exchanges and mutual aid between Lions from all over the world.

BeeMyGuest has been developed to sustain one of the Lions’ objectives: “UNITE the clubs in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding”.

With the website BeeMyGuest, Lions (same District or different countries) can now easily :

  • share their passions (golf, hiking, sailing, gastronomy, Art, theater...)
  • share a meal, a moment of conviviality, visit a city together
  • help their children / grandchildren who study abroad. How? By being a potential contact for these students. By mentioning their professional skills (even retired Lions) to help these young people to find an internship. By welcoming a Lion's child / grandchild the day before an exam to avoid tiredness and stress.
  • find hospitality
  • or offer hospitality

Up today, Lions had to find a Club and contact the President. The President had to contact his/her members and try to find an answer to the request. A lot of time… a lot of work for the President. Now, with BeeMyGuest, Lions directly email the right person, a Lion registered on BeeMyGuest, willing to share hobbies, to help or to host another Lion.

Lions from all over the world can become members of BeeMyGuest and create their individual offer as long as their Club is registered, or as long as they are registered as an individual Lion (if their Club does not want to join BeeMyGuest). A supporting Club can use the services of BeeMyGuest whatever the number of its members interested in BeeMyGuest is. In both cases, a contribution is asked to help us to support the heavy cost of the IT platform, heavy cost due to the perpetual evolution of the technology. However, no fees are asked to LEO.

The amount of your donation is up to you, with a minimum. For more information about how to join our action, please click on How to join.

Since BeeMyGuest is a service dedicated to Lions, the surplus of the results will be put back to the Lions of France Foundation (for French Clubs) and to the Lions Clubs International Foundation (for the other Clubs).

By equity, it is asked to Lions who want to use the website BeeMyGuest to create their own ad to offer their services. Leo can use BeeMyGuest with or without creating their offer; it depends on their possibility to help.

An offer can be created in a few minutes and shows Lion's hobbies, Lion’s professional skills (even retired), if he/she can help a Lion’s child / grandchild, if he/she can offer hospitality, etc. Offers can also show what Lions are looking for. Pictures can always be added later, and offers can be completed or modify anytime. Reading offers and exchanges are unlimited

Lions are free to accept or refuse requests of hospitality, share of passions or help.

BeeMyGuest is not an alternative to the hotel business, it is a footbridge to go to the discovery of other one, and share a real moment of conviviality. No exchange of money is asked. On the other hand the good manners recommend to leave a little gift in sign of gratitude…

All accommodations listed on BeeMyGuest are of course free since the aim of this website is to help Lions. Offers can only be read by Lions registered on BeeMyGuest. We only give Lions’ email.

As a member of BeeMyGuest, you allow the website to display your listing (text + pictures) online. You are the only one responsible for your listing. However, your offer will only be visible by the LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL’s members registered on BeeMyGuest and up to date of their annual contribution. A Lion, not registered on BeeMyGuest, cannot read your offer. A non-Lion person cannot register on BeeMyGuest and therefore cannot read your offer.

BeeMyGuest will never show your personal data except your mail address and only to Lions, members of BeeMyGuest.

The information belongs to BeeMyGuest and will never be given away or sold to anyone.

You are not responsible for the behavior of a child, a grandchild or a close person of a Lions whom you could help or recommend, in particular in case of internship

BeeMyGuest is not a dating site.


To be a member:

  • You must be the age of majority of your country, and at least 18 years old.
  • You must be a member of the LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL (LION or LEO)
  • Your Club or yourself (individual registration) must be registered on BeeMyGuest and up to date with the contribution fees. Read How to register
  • You must quickly display your offer online. You cannot be a member of BeeMyGuest if you don’t create your own offer (to share dinner, to share passions, to offer hospitality, to exchange advises on your city, to help Lions'children/grandchildren to look for an internship or a job, or anything you think about).
  • You must accept and respect your moral commitment quoted below

Your moral commitment:

As a member of BeeMyGuest, you promise to:

  • Display true information about your home, family and all other information you displayed when registering
  • Only display on line your goods under your name
  • Host the member of BeeMyGuest and his/her family with respect and as concluded between both parties (date, place, duration…)
  • Do not ask for any compensation (financial, physical, intellectual or other) in exchange of your welcome
  • Do not display anything on the website other than pictures and texts visible by all members and their family
  • Have good behaviour, respect members of BeeMyGuest, their family, their friends and their neighbours in their home as well as in yours
  • Respect other’s goods
  • Do not use this website to rent or sell goods
  • Do not use this website to advertise

BeeMyGuest has the right to:

  • Delist a member in case of non-respect of the General Conditions
  • Refuse or delete a listing/a picture that appears to be unsuitable or after a complaint from another member

BeeMyGuest will not refund, compensate, or extend:

  • Even if your Club decides to subscribe after you registered as an individual Lion
  • In case of a discontinuation of the website, due to maintenance or technical problem. BeeMyGuest will do its best to fix it as fast as possible. BeeMyGuest cannot be responsible for the consequences of that interruption
  • In case of delisting

BeeMyGuest cannot be responsible in case of:

  • Non-respect of the General Conditions
  • Loss of plane, train, bus, boat, or any ticket after the cancellation of your stay at one of the BeeMyGuest’s members (regardless of the contractor and the reason for the cancellation)
  • Loss of plane, train, bus, boat, or any ticket after strikes, demonstrations, bad weather, etc.
  • Robbery. Breakage. Material, mental or physical deterioration. Mental or physical attack. Incident or accident
  • Bad behavior of a child, a grandchild, or a close person of a Lions whom you would have helped or recommended, in particular in case of internship

BeeMyGuest has a right of inspection on members’ texts.

BeeMyGuest has the right to intervene if necessary.

If any questions, please write us at We will answer you as soon as possible.


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